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The Groupon Connector is an adaptor which links Linnworks with your Groupon Account. It transfers your new orders from Groupon into Linnworks, and updates Groupon when those orders are dispatched in Linnworks, including the tracking number.

Please note, there is no inventory mapping tool in the Groupon connector. Products must be mapped in  either by individually linking unassigned items in the Linnworks order book or by bulk mapping with a CSV spreadsheet imported into  and selecting ‘stock item linking’ type when importing data. When importing by bulk, it is advised for users to test with one product listing before carrying out the bulk mapping.

Installing Groupon Connector For Linnworks
  1. Login to
    1. Select Settings
    2. Open the Application Store
    3. Click on the entry for Eagle Groupon Connector for Linnworks
    4. Click on the ‘Install’ button
    5. When the installation is successful, the user will see a pop-up box to confirm this.
    6. The user will see Groupon App appear on the blue menu bar on the left of the screen when installation is complete.
    7. Once the application has been installed, refresh the page by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

    Activating the Groupon Connector

    After clicking on ‘I agree’ and the ‘7 Days Trial’ button, the user will have to sign up for a Groupon Connector account by completing the fields Company Name, Full Name, Email, and Password

    Once the user has completed this in the Groupon Connector application, they will be taken into the Groupon Connector Dashboard.


The Dashboard is where the user will see their Groupon orders transferred into Linnworks. Users can then work with these orders in the Open Order screen.

If orders have been processed in Linnworks, but don’t appear to have been updated in Groupon, the user can press ‘Process to Groupon’ to force the updates to be sent.

If any orders do not appear in the Groupon Dashboard or Linnworks, the user can press ‘Check Groupon Orders’ to manually request those orders be imported, showing the ‘Check Order Status’ window. If an error is returned, you can contact Support using the Support control in the top right- hand corner of the Groupon Connector Tab within Linnworks.

Activation Process

To begin integrating a Groupon account with Linnworks, the user requires a Supplier ID, provided by Groupon, and to generate a token on the adaptor itself. This is done on the Channel Config tab.

Channel Configuration

This section is where the Groupon token is obtained, and where you enter the Supplier ID to activate your account.

Click Add to begin the process.

Generating A Token

In order to obtain a token, you would need to go to channel config, and then choose add on the top right to add configuration. The field called token has an ‘i’ next to it. Click here to generate a token.

Once you have integrated a country channel, you must activate the channel and also test it.

Once this has been done, the channels will go green and have been successfully integrated.

The user must remember to Activate and Test for each Groupon channel before use.

Once linked, you will be able to keep up with orders that are pulled through from Groupon and orders that are dispatched once they get processed in Linnworks.

Postal Configuration

This enables you to map Groupon Postal Services to Linnworks Postal Services, so the correct labels are printed.

To avoid problems, ensure ALL Groupon Postal Services that you use are mapped.

Click Add to begin this process. Select each Groupon Postal Service in turn, and map it to an equivalent Linnworks Postal Service.

Postal mappings are also available on the Postal Config section.

Postal Mappings provides the abbreviations (carrier codes) for all Groupon Postal Services available in the Groupon Connector for Linnworks.

The correct carrier code must be selected for postal mapping integration to be successful.

Dashboard In Focus

The dashboard gives an overview of the Groupon account(s) integrated with Linnworks. It shows the Last orders, Revenue for the preceding 6 months, Half Yearly Report, and Daily Report.

Last Orders
These are the most recent orders which have been pulled in from Groupon. Orders are updated every hour. This displays recent order information from Groupon including Customer Name, Order ID, Order Date, Dispatched date(in Linnworks), and Processed Date(Updated to Groupon)

Revenue for 6 months
A pie chart gives a snapshot of revenue generated over the previous 6 months. Different sections represent the portion of the total revenue taken in a given month, and the key at the top shows which colour represents which month.

Half yearly report- Shows number of orders versus total items sold to illustrate if each order contained more than one item on average.

Half yearly report graph
The half yearly report illustrated in a graph format.

Daily Report- Total number of orders versus total number of items sold.

Daily report graph
The daily report illustrated in a graph format.

Order Book

The Order Book is where users can see their Groupon open orders for dispatch.

As there are a limited number of Groupon deals a seller is permitted to run at one time, SKU mapping should be minimal. The SKUs used in Groupon must match up with the ones in Linnworks.

To show only Groupon orders, you filter by Source under General Info, and then search for ‘Groupon’

Each Groupon order appears with a Linnworks ID and a Groupon Ref Number in the Linnworks Reference Number field.

The Groupon Ref Number begins with the country code of origin, for example UK or IR. This is as shown above.

To show only Groupon orders, you filter by Source under General Info, and then search for ‘Groupon’


There is ticket support available via the Support option, found in the top right-hand corner of the Groupon Connector tab in Linnworks. This will take you to a client area to raise a ticket regarding any issues they are experiencing.


If you would like to get hold of your invoices for using the Groupon Connector, you can obtain these by clicking on the Invoice tab.

You will then be able to see a link to download any invoice that is ready in the app.

If you are unable to locate your invoices or if there are any missing, please contact [email protected]


1. Why can’t my shipping labels for Groupon print?
If you are using embedded shipping labels, the Groupon source needs to be added to the shipping conditions for the invoice in the template designer

2. How do I print without tracking numbers showing on the labels?
This can be discussed with Linnworks Support.

3. Why aren’t the orders going to my desired specific location?
Orders are imported to the Default location, unless you have a script in place to re-allocate them. eBusiness Guru can offer scripting services.

4. What Countries does the Groupon connector currently work with?
Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, India, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, and The United States.

5. Where are my invoices?
Invoices are located on the Invoice tab of the Groupon Connector Dashboard. You will be able to download any invoices that are ready from here.

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