Setting up and using the EbusinessGuru for XERO for Linnworks

Packages Available (ex vat)

One-Off Setup Charge: £75
Basic: £14.99 per month (For processing upto 3,000 orders a month)
Pro: £34.99 per month (For processing upto 10,000 orders a month)
Enterprise: £75.00 per month (For processing upto 50,000 orders a month)

Please contact, if you are processing more than 50,000 orders a month.

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Install the App in

To use the Xero Connector for Linnworks, you must first install it in

  1. Login to
  2. Select Settingson the left-hand menu bar
  3. Select the Application Store option
  4. Click on “Xero Connector For Linnworks”
  5. Click on Install to add the Connector.
  6. During installation, you will be asked for your Username and Password. This is to confirm you’re authorized to install and connect apps to the system.

    Once the application is installed, refresh using the Refresh button in your browser, or the

  7. F5 key on your keyboard. A new button, labeled Xero, will be added at the bottom of the left-hand menu bar.

Click on the button on the left-hand menu labeled Xero to open the App.

When you open the App for the first time, please agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box, and clicking on “Register Now”. Click on Terms and Conditions to view a copy before agreeing.

The initial screen addresses your preferred subscription option. The subscription for the Xero Connector app is based on the number of orders you sync from Linnworks into Xero during the month.

In this app we have included the ability to back-date the synchronisation. This means you can ask the app to synchronise orders from Linnworks that were imported prior to installing the app. This will, of course, require the payment of the appropriate subscription to cover those periods.

Select the month you wish the synchronization to start, and tick the ‘Back Dated Subscription’ option to do so. You will receive an email with information regarding the costs before the connector continues.

Home Screen

The Home screen has a menu, with the following options:

  1. Dashboard – Return to the Home Screen and the Dashboard reports
  2. Activity Log
  3. Invoice History
  4. Xero Currency
  5. Currency Mapping

The Dashboard displays information on the status of the Xero integration, showing an overview of the order and payment information related to recently transferred transactions.

  1. Synchronisation Status:

This shows the status of the services that comprise the Xero Connector. There’s also a Sync button to force that service to run immediately, instead of waiting for the next scheduled time.

Create Invoice– This service downloads all of a given day’s orders from Linnworks, and posts them to Xero as invoices (usually the previous day). Invoices are separated based on SubSource, Currency and Payment Method.

  1. Orders(Accounts):

Display the percentage & number of order invoices generated and exported to Xero based on their Source and SubSource.

  1. Orders(Currency):

Display the percentage & number of order invoices generated and exported to Xero based on their currency.

  1. Credit Limit:
  2. Subscription Plan : Display your current subscription plan.
  3. Orders Downloaded : Number of orders downloaded from Linnworks, and exported to Xero.
  4. Remaining Credits : Remaining credit available in your current months’ subscription.

  1. Orders and Invoice Count:
  2. Linnworks Orders: Number of orders received from Linnworks.
  3. Exported Orders: Number of order invoices created successfully in Xero.
  4. Invoices Failed: Number of order invoices that were not accepted by Xero.

Display order details for all orders imported from Linnworks and exported to Xero.


Displays a list of the order invoices created successfully and accepted by Xero.


Display list of order invoices that failed to be imported by Xero.

Activity Log

The Activity Log tracks the time, date and type of activities that the Xero Connector has performed, allowing the User or Support Team to analyse what has occurred if there is a question about its functionality.
Examples of actions recorded include Login, ExportOrderToXero, and Failed Invoice.

Invoice History

This will display the history of the Xero invoice generation functionality. Failed and successfully generated invoices are displayed here.

Xero Configuration

This screen allows entry of, and customization of, the settings for the integrated Xero accounts. These include the API details the connector uses to connect to the Xero, and whether it is currently active:

  1. To open this screen, select the Xero Configuration option. Press ADD button to add a Xero account.
  2. The list shows any integrated Xero accounts.
  3. You can edit the Tag (internal reference) and the Consumer Key. Click on the SAVE button to verify.
  1. To set an integrated Xero channel as Inactive, click the Active slider. An Inactive channel doesn’t transfer order invoices to Xero.

Invoice Type :

If you disable Invoice type for Individual order, the Xero order invoice is generated as source_subsource_currency at Xero. Ex. AMAZON_AMAZON_UK_GBP , AMAZON_AMAZON_UK_USD, AMAZON_AMAZON_UK_PH

If you set Invoice type as Individual order, order invoices are generated individually on Xero. eg. Orderid is used as the Xero invoice number

Currency Mapping

This displays a list of mapped currencies between Linnworks and Xero to ensure they are correctly invoiced into Xero.

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