Amazon Integration

Why Amazon Integration

The world’s biggest online retailer simply cannot be ignored as a channel to sell through - There are over 300 million Amazon users worldwide – imagine if just 1% of that number placed an order with you! And with an estimated 50% of customers who go directly to Amazon for their product searches, that’s a lot of revenue up for grabs.

If you’re short on warehouse space, you can use Fulfilled by Amazon to hold your stock and have Amazon ship your products for you – you can control this in Linnworks quickly and simply.

To make Amazon even easier to handle, our AMZ Peak app is available to help get you all the data you need to optimise your listings, monitor competitor pricing and increase your sales.

Why Choose eBusiness Guru

Our experts optimise your product listings, putting them right in front of customers searching for them

Our experts can help you understand Google Shopping so you can continue to exploit the opportunities it presents

We review the results of your optimisations regularly, updating your products and objectives as your business grows

We can help you with setting your budgets for Google Shopping, helping you scale up your campaigns as your sales increase

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