Bandq linnworks integration user manual

Step 1: Integrate the channel into

To use B&Q channel, you must first install it from within

  • Login to

  • Select settings in the left-hand menu bar
  • Settings in channel integration option used

  • Select the channel integration option. Screen will be display below:

By clicking on this button, we can add new B&Q channel integration.

  • Select add new to return a list of available channel integrations. Screen will be display below:

  • Locate B&Q on the list, and click on install application button.


  • By clicking on this button, we can create B&Q channel integration. Screen will be display below:


  • Enter your B&Q account name to start the actual integration. And then click on next button for the next step.



  • After reading the disclaimer, please tick ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ and next to continue integrating B&Q channel integration.



  • Fill the all details for B&Q channel. And then click on next button for the next step.

API key: This is B&Q account API key to connect with Linnworks. Located in My User Settings.

Bellow screenshot describes how to get API key from the B&Q account.


Use Channel Tax: When enabled, Linnworks will use the tax percentage directly from the B&Q order data when it is downloaded to Linnworks. If the option is not enabled Linnworks will back calculate tax based on the stock item tax or country tax as defined in Linnworks.

Then click on next button to go next screen, screen will be display below.


B&Q channel integration process completed then finish button click to save all details.


  • To complete the integration, B&Q integration should now show in  channel integrations.




By clicking on this toggle button, we can enable this channel and start to enable integration. Screen will be display below:



Edit Channel Details



Edit channel for B&Q setting. Account, order, inventory, inventory price change, listings, API credentials.





To Enable or Disable the Account, locate the Account section. If the Enabled option is unticked, the channel will not download or update orders, or provide inventory level updates. The Test button allows you to confirm there are no errors preventing Linnworks and B&Q communicating. Contact EBG Support if Test Reports any errors. Click Save at the bottom of this window to apply any changes.



In the Order section, there are two options.
Dispatch Notes, when enabled, allows Linnworks to send information about orders that have been Processed in Linnworks. Orders that are Processed in Linnworks are updated to the status Manifested on B&Q.
The Order Sync Date reflects the date and time of the last successful order download and update for the B&Q channel integration.
Click Save at the bottom of this window to apply any changes.



In the Inventory section, the first checkbox is Update Inventory. If this is disabled, then Linnworks will not tell the listings on the B&Q marketplace when Available Stock Levels change in Linnworks. If enabled, then Linnworks will provide these updates. Update Inventory only works where a listing has been Mapped to a Linnworks Inventory item. See the end of this document for more information on Mapping Max Listed allows you to filter the highest quantity that Linnworks can/will send to the listings on B&Q. If Max Listed is set to 50, and your Available Stock moves from 30 to 60, Linnworks can only send 50, and this will not change until the Available Stock level drops below 50. Stock Percentage acts in a similar fashion, but only updates the listings with the specified percentage of your actual Available Stock level. End When allows you to set a ‘false zero’ for the channel. This means it will send Out of Stock when the available stock reaches the value set in this value. Click Save at the bottom of this window to apply any changes.


Inventory-Price Change

The Price Change feature allows Linnworks to send new prices directly to the listing when they are correctly imported or updated.

Note that Price Change only works where a listing has been Mapped to a Linnworks Inventory item.



In the Listings section, the information reflects the information Linnworks currently has about your listed items on the B&Q marketplace. If there is a tick by Listing Download in Progress, Linnworks is downloading the current listings, and cannot be interrupted. The Listing Download Start Time value is the time the last download/update was started. The Last Listing Download Completion Time value tells you the last successful download completed and was imported into Linnworks. The Listing Download Estimated Completion reflects Linnworks’ best estimate of when the most recent or current download should complete. The Download Listings button instructs Linnworks to retrieve the latest listing information, and ticks the Listing Download in Progress box. This can only be used once every 4 hours maximum, and will warn you if you try to use it more frequently. Click Save at the bottom of this window to apply any changes.

Channel Specific Settings

These settings are used to enable Linnworks and your B&Q account to connect, and are covered in Step 1. Click Save at the bottom of this window to apply any changes.

Location Mapping


Channel locations screen will be display below:



The first option is the Order Download location. This is initially Default, but can be changed. Click on the drop-down list and select which inventory/fulfillment location will initially receive the orders from the B&Q integration.

Under Inventory Sync Locations, you control which Linnworks Inventory locations are used to calculate the Available Stock values for your B&Q listings.

If you have only the Default location, this can be ignored, with Default left enabled.

If you have multiple Inventory Locations, you can switch off locations (slide the switch to the left) that you don’t want to be included in the stock numbers on the listings.

You should also click Save at the bottom of the configuration window to apply any changes.

Product Mappnig

Inventory mapping screen will be display below:

This screen is divided into two sections.

On the left is the listing Linnworks is aware of on your B&Q Channel. If this is not correct, or a change is missing, you should see the Download Listings button in the Listings section of the Channel Configuration.

On the right is a Linnworks Inventory Search Tool.


Linking Items Automatically

If the SKUs in your inventory match the SKUs used on the listings, Linnworks can link them all for you.

1. Click the Settings button (in the top left hand corner with a cog/gear on it).

2. Select Link All By.

3. Select SKU.

4. Linnworks will map all those listings that have a SKU which matches a SKU in the Linnworks Inventory.

5. Check the Linked and Unlinked values once this is complete.


Linking Items Manually

If the SKUs in your inventory do not match the SKUs used on the listings, you can make the link manually.

1. Click on it to highlight and select it.

2. In the right hand list, use the Search box to find the correct Linnworks Inventory item to link it to.

3. Click the Link button beside it with the listing highlighted.

4. Repeat for other listings to be linked manually.

Creating Linnworks Inventory Items and Mapping

1. Use the left hand list and Search to find the listing to be linked.

2. Click on Create.

3. A new item will be created in the Linnworks inventory using the Name, Price and Stock Level, as well as the SKU from the listing. This will be linked to the SKU.

4. This can be updated with other information later in the Inventory.

5. Repeat this for other Listings that have no Linnworks inventory equivalent.



Create button click to popup open screen will be display below:


Payment Mapping


Edit payment methods screen will be display below:




Create new channel payment mapping screen will be display below:


In Payment Methods window the list will initially be blank.

When mapped, Linnworks will ensure the orders it downloads from B&Q reflect correctly which payment methods/providers have been used on the site.

Click Save at the bottom of the channel integration window to apply any changes.

Shipping Mapping


Edit shipping allocation screen will be display below:


Create channel shipping service screen will be display below:

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