Ebay Integration

Why eBay Integration

eBay enables the sale of more than a billion products across the world, with over 11 million searches happening every hour. When you sell on eBay, you are one of 25 million selling to over 171 million buyers. With that much business going on, selling at a good price and shipping orders quickly and accurately is critical to your success selling on eBay.

eBay offer a wide range of services you can use to enhance your offerings, including the Global Shipping program to easily ship goods abroad without needing your own international shipping agreements or knowledge of customs, but eBusiness Guru can help you make the most of the services available, and avoid the ones that won’t contribute to your success.

Integrating eBay with Linnworks means you can maintain your listings, process your orders and shipping without needing to log into eBay. And you’re not just restricted to one eBay login – sell in as many countries as you like with no extra hassle.

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Why Choose eBusiness Guru

Our experts optimise your product listings, putting them right in front of customers searching for them

Our experts can help you understand Google Shopping so you can continue to exploit the opportunities it presents

We review the results of your optimisations regularly, updating your products and objectives as your business grows

We can help you with setting your budgets for Google Shopping, helping you scale up your campaigns as your sales increase

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