Linnworks Setup & Implementation

Linnworks Setup and

As the largest provider of implementation and customisation services to Linnworks customers, eBusiness Guru also offer Linnworks-certified support services. This means that our team can offer Linnworks users all the assistance necessary to get up and running, customise Linnworks, and answer questions if things don’t seem to be working as expected – We’re there for you every step of the way, making the change as easy as possible.

Once you're up and running, we can work with you to optimise your use of Linnworks, maximising the potential benefits for your business. And because we're experts in everything eCommerce, we can also help you determine which marketplaces are the best for you to add to Linnworks next, depending on your products and your long-term goals.

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Why Choose eBusiness Guru

Our experts optimise your product listings, putting them right in front of customers searching for them

Our experts can help you understand Google Shopping so you can continue to exploit the opportunities it presents

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We review the results of your optimisations regularly, updating your products and objectives as your business grows

We can help you with setting your budgets for Google Shopping, helping you scale up your campaigns as your sales increase

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