Why Linnworks?

Linnworks is one of the leading software solutions for Multi-Channel retailers in the world of eCommerce. Once connected to all your websites and selling platforms, it acts as your central inventory and order processing system.

As a long-term Linnworks Certified Implementation Partner, eBusiness Guru can help you get up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • Compatible with marketplaces/websites including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce and many others.
  • Integrates seamlessly with shippers, including Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Parcel Force and UPS.
  • Automatically tracks and updates stock availability to help avoid overselling. Sell on Amazon, and have the available stock levels updated on eBay without having to lift a finger!
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If you’re selling online, you’re probably selling on more than one marketplace or sales channel – be it your own website, eBay, Amazon( or any other of the numerous sales channels out there) or a retail outlet. Multiple marketplaces can bring more sales, however, they can also invite problems like logging into multiple sites & tabs, tracking stock levels to ensure you don’t over-sell, managing shipping labels and keeping track of orders from different sales channels.

By adopting Linnworks, you can easily manage all your selling platforms with a single system, streamlining all your tasks and saving you time.

Retail EPOS integration

Multi-channel selling doesn’t just mean online. If your business has trade counters and you’re looking for a solution that helps you increase your online presence without separating your shop stock & online stock, we can certainly help you with achieving that. eBusiness Guru can provide EPOS hardware and software that integrates with Linnworks to help you keep track of your stock availability online AND offline.
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Wholesale system integration

If you’re a manufacturer, importer or wholesaler, you may also sell to other businesses(B2B). If this is the case, eBusiness Guru has EaglePOS, a cloud-based suite of software that includes a wholesale stock and inventory function.
EaglePOS helps you coordinate bulk sales of stock, manage stock availability on sales channels integrated into Linnworks, organise and track stock as pallets and outers, and ensure that Linnworks is correctly updated with single or composite items without manual intervention.
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