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Why Magento eCommerce

Available since 2008, Magento is a leading Open Source software package for producing tailored eCommerce sites. As a Certified Magento Development partner, eBusiness Guru have provided over 250 satisfied customers with customised Magento websites to help their businesses grow and prosper.

Our expert developers & designers will work to produce the best website for your business & customers.

  • Magento can be quickly and easily integrated with many payment providers, from PayPal to WorldPay, making it easy for customers to buy, and for you to get the best rates.
  • Magento’s flexibility and stability make it a popular choice for many sellers.
  • Magento integrates easily with a range of shipping providers.
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Why Choose eBusiness Guru

Our experts optimise your product listings, putting them right in front of customers searching for them

Our experts can help you understand Google Shopping so you can continue to exploit the opportunities it presents

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We review the results of your optimisations regularly, updating your products and objectives as your business grows

We can help you with setting your budgets for Google Shopping, helping you scale up your campaigns as your sales increase

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