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MailChimp provide powerful marketing automation tools to millions of businesses around the world to enable them to reach more customers and grow their business. MailChimp for Linnworks is designed to enhance your list generation by drawing the email addresses and customer names from your Linnworks orders. This happens without any effort from you, and gives you an up to date mailing list every time you start a new campaign.

Packages available for the MailChimp application for Linnworks

No.(#) of Contacts Imported Cost (£) (excluding VAT)
500 1
5000 10
20000 25
50000 90
100000 180

The Mailchimp connector is an application which is embedded into Linnworks, and developed and supported by eBusiness Guru.

It exports data on Processed orders from Linnworks (Source, Subsource, Customer Name, email address), and exports it to a Mailchimp group.

How to install the App in Linnworks

To use Mailchimp, you must first install it from within

a) Login to
b) Select Settings in the left-hand menu bar
c) Click on Application Store option (Screen1) it will open applications list page.
d) From list user can see “Mailchimp” application (Screen2)
e) Click on Install, to add Mailchimp app.

Screen1: Application Store link

Screen2: Mailchimp app into list

How to open Mailchimp App

First, Login to Linnworks.

In the left menu, click on Apps. It will open Apps and My Applications list. Under My Applications click on Mailchimp (Screen3)

Registration page open. User have to tick mark on terms and condition and need to press Register button. (Screen4)

Screen3: Mailchimp link

Screen4: Registration

Configuration Wizard Screens

Once you register user can see the following options in wizard:

a) Step 1: Mailchimp Setting (Screen5)

Here user has to set Mailchimp API key. After entering API key click on Save to save the key. Press Next to go to step2 (Screen10)

Screen5: Mailchimp Setting

To get Mailchimp API key open this (Screen6)

Screen6: Mailchimp website login

Enter username and password and click on Log In button. On successful login, It will open then home screen. Here click on profile down arrow on right side top. It will open sub menu having Account link. (Screen7)

Screen7: Mailchimp website home screen

Click on Account link it will open page where user has to click on "Extra" menu, it will open submenu. (Screen8)

Screen8: Mailchimp website API key menu page

Click on API Keys from Screen8 it will open the API key page (Screen9)

Sreen9: API Key page

In above page user can have API key by clicking on "Generate A Key" button. Copy API key and paste into Screen5: Mailchimp Setting

b) Step 2 Do Not Send the Mail to these Sources & Sub Sources : (Screen10)

Here user has to select sources/sub sources from the left side listbox and move to right side listbox for which he does not want to send data to Mailchimp website account. Click on Save to save setting and click on Next to go to Step3 (Screen11)

If order source = direct then order automaticaly send to mailchimp

Screen10: Sources/Sub sources Settings

c) Step 3 Download Order: (Screen11)

Here user has to set flag for starting system to download Linnworks process orders. Click on Yes, system will start to download. Click on Save to save setting and click on Next to go to Step4 (Screen12)

Screen11: Download Order

d) Step 4 Buy Credits: ( Screen12)

Here user can purchase credits to send data to Mailchimp group. User can purchase credits using Paypal (Paypal Expresspress Checkout / Credit-Debit Card) or Stripe (Credit/Debit Card) payment gateway.

Screen12: Buy Credits

User has to select credits from dropdown and according to selection system will display amount to be pay. After selecting credits, click on Checkout button it will display the below Payment Gateway Selection Screen13

Screen13: Payment Gateway Selection

Click on Paypal, system will display the below page. (Screen14)

Screen14: Paypal Method Selection

Click on Paypal Express Checkout it will open the below page (Screen15)

Screen15: Paypal Express Checkout Selection

Check mark terms and conditions and click on Pay Now button. system will add credits into user account on successful payment.

Click on Credit & Debit Card Checkout button, it will display the below page (Screen16). Here fill all require values and click on Pay Now system will add credits into user account on successful payment.

Screen16: Credit/Debit Card Page

Click on Stripe button It will display the below page (Screen17)

Screen17: Stripe Selection

Click on Credit & Debit Card Checkout button it will display the below page (Screen18)

Screen18: Stripe Selection

Here user has to fill require information and click on Stripe Payment button, system will add credits into user account on successful payment.

e) After completing all the 4 steps, system will open the Mailchimp Group Summary Report (Screen19)

Mailchimp Group Summary Report

Click on Mailchimp Group summary it will display the below page (Screen19)

Screen19: Mailchimp Group Summary

In above page it will display summary how many orders data (Source/ Sub source, customer name, email) has been sent to Mailchimp web site account. In above screen user can see square mark number.

Click on square mark number it will display the below page (Screen20). Here it will display status of each orders data whether it has been updated in Mailchimp account or not. If updated then it will display Mailchimp updated datetime

Screen20: Mailchimp sending data details

Buy Credits

Please refere Point - 4 Configuration Wizard Screens:Step-4

User Configuration

Please refere Point - 4 Configuration Wizard Screens:Step-1,2,3


1. How far back can I backdate contact/email address imports?
Up to one month

2. Can this application perform any other features apart from extracting customer names and email addresses from Linnworks processed orders and importing them into my mailing list?
Not at this moment in time. But we are working on introducing more features/functionality soon.

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