Open source Development

Why Open Source

Once, if your business needed software, you met a salesperson, which brought catalogues and demos, and you handed over a lot of cash for a pack of disks. You then paid another sum of money every year for support, and got upgrades periodically. Companies developing software did the same, meaning the programmes you bought from them had to be expensive to cover their costs.

Today, Open Source Software is powerful, robust and secure, benefiting from many contributors for reliability, performance and new features. Many businesses use it to run departments, produce documents, artwork and even to host their websites.

  • More and more businesses are seeing that Open Source Software is a valuable part of their operations. To avoid complications, they often work with a business that can offer assistance in setting up and using the software.
  • Open Source projects tracked on a website called GitHub reported 17.9 million projects currently open, each a separate software programme. 7.9 million people were working on those projects in total.
  • Big names running on Open Source software include Tesla Automobiles, GoPro Cameras, many drone helicopter companies and others!
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