Parcel Wise was established to provide an outstanding logistics solution at a competitive price point. The eBusiness Guru Parcel Wise integration for Linnworks allows sellers to use Parcel Wise services without needing to log into a separate portal.

Parcel Wise Shipping Integration with Linnworks offers sellers the ability to:

    • Print Parcel Wise shipping labels from Linnworks
    • Create manifests for printed shipping labels from Linnworks
    • Submit manifests to Parcel Wise

Step 1: Integrate the Shipping Provider into

To use the Parcel Wise integration, you must first install it from within

1. Log into

2. Select Settings in the left-hand menu bar.

3. Select the Shipping option.

4. Click on Integrations.

5. Select Add Integration.

6. Locate Parcel Wise in the list of available Shipping Providers, and click on Integrate.

7. The first thing you will see is a Third Party Integrations Disclaimer. After reading the warning, you can click on the link at the bottom to review the Parcel Wise Connector’s Terms and Conditions.

8. Click Accept to continue.

9. Enter an account name to start the integration process.

10. Tick I agree to the terms and conditions to confirm you’re happy to proceed.

11. Click Next to continue integrating Parcel Wise.

12. Enter information into the fields outlined in red, for the Parcel Wise account’s registered user.

A) Sender Address:

    A.1) Contact Name: Enter Sender Contact Person name

    A.2) Address1: Enter Sender Address Line 1

    A.3) Address2: Enter Sender Address Line 2

    A.4) Address3: Enter Sender Address Line 2

    A.5) Country: Enter Sender Country

    A.6) Region: Enter Sender Region

    A.7) Pincode: Enter Sender Pincode

    A.8) Contact Telephone: Contact Sender Number

B) Config Detail:

    B.1) API Key: Provide By Parcel Wise

    B.2) Weight: Select Weight here

    B.3) Dimension: Select Dimension here

    B.3) Default Weight : Enter Default Weight here

13. Click Next to continue.

14. To complete the integration, click on Close.

Your Parcel Wise integration should now show under Shipping, and Integrations.

Step 2: Printer Config

The next step is to configure the printer that will be used for your Shipping Labels.

1) In, Select Shipping.

2) Select Integration.

3) Locate the Parcel Wise entry, and click the Printer Config button (see above).

4) Select the Default entry on the left, in blue in the Edit Printer Config window.

5) Review the following settings:

    a) Use Default (Only shows for user account entries other than Default) this option allows you to use the settings for this user account.

    b) Virtual Printer choose a printer from those available through Virtual Printer to be used when printing XpressBees labels (Defaults to PDF).

    c) Template allows you to set a label template option. Available options may vary dependent upon the selected printer.

    d) Label Formats shows formats supported by the selected Virtual Printer.

    e) Margins controls how much space in inches to leave as a margin on each label.

Step 3: Quote Settings

1) In, click Settings.

2) Select Channel Integration.

3) Locate the Parcel Wise entry, and click the Quote Settings button.

4) This opens the Edit Quote Settings window, the list will initially be blank.

5) Tick the option Quote only for added services.

6) Click OK at the bottom of the Quote Settings window to apply any changes.

Step 4: Edit Config

1) In, click Settings.

2) Select Channel Integration.

3) Locate the Parcel Wise entry, and click the Edit Config button.

4) This opens the Edit Config window.

5) Check /edit details related to Sender Address / Service Configuration options, then press Next button.

6) After clicking Next, you will receive confirmation of Configuration Saved.

7) All Step:1 – Point A, B & C displayed to user for changes.

Step 5: Services

1) In, click Settings.

2) Select Channel Integration.

3) Locate the Parcel Wise entry, and click the Services button.

4) This opens the Services window.

5) At the top left, use the drop-down window to select from the shipping services available in your XpressBees account.

6) Select one of these Services you want available for use within Linnworks. Press Add to move that service to the list.

7) You can edit the Service Name by clicking on it.

8) The Option button allows you to Map the current service name to any existing shipping service.

9) Click the Properties button , to open a new window. This displays available properties of the selected shipping service.

10) Click the Delete button to remove a service. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice.

    If you select Yes, you will be allowed to remove the selected service from the list of Shipping Services.

    If you click No, the selected Shipping Service will remain in the list of Shipping Services.

Step 6: Delete Shipping Integration

1) In, select Shipping.

2) Select Integration.

3) Locate the Parcel Wise entry, and click on the Delete button (as above).

4) This opens the Delete window.

    If you press Yes, it will allow you to remove the selected Parcel Wise shipping integration from the list of Shipping integrations.

    If you press No, The integration remains part of the list of available Shipping Integrations.

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