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Shopline lets you sell more with less work.

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Starting up your business online has never been easier

Get up and running with online storefronts that help you to start selling in minutes. Easy payments and logistics solutions mean you don't have to worry about how your first sales come in.

Connect with your customers everywhere with intelligent omnichannel solutions

Today, selling goes beyond just your physical store - customers buy on sites, social media, marketplaces and more. SHOPLINE has got you covered for everything from your in-person point-of-sales to livestream selling on Facebook and Instagram.

Level up your commerce with a curated app marketplace

Grow with hundreds of free and powerful apps. Built by world-class in-house and third-party developers, they offer augmented capabilities that help you to sell, market and operate your business.

EBG with ShopLine: A Partnership to Progress

  • As ShopLine’s UK partner agency, we offer trusted comprehensive solutions for all your e-commerce requirements.
  • Partnering with ShopLine, enables our clients to get the best out of both. ShopLine’s advanced website-building tech along with leveraging EBG’s e-commerce knowledge & experience.
  • Together, EBG and ShopLine can provide a seamless and personalized experience for clients, with customized e-commerce store design and marketing solutions tailored to their needs.
Collaboration to Commit
With a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, EBG and ShopLine are dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of businesses in today's competitive e-commerce landscape.
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