Simple steps for using Peoplevox Linnworks Connector App

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Peoplevox Linnworks Connector App

The main functionalities of the Peoplevox Linnworks Connector App are:

<1> Sending Orders from Linnworks to Peoplevox
<2> Updating stock in Linnworks from Peoplevox Stock

Please note the following points are required for using this application:

  • Knowledge of the Peoplevox Warehouse Management System
  • The following templates must be imported at Peoplevox Integration and enabled in same given format:

    o Customers
    o Item types
    o Sales order items
    o Sales orders

  • Templates are available at the links below:

    o Customers :
    o Item types : types.csv
    o Sales order :
    o Sales order items: order items.csv

  • Column names must be the same and in the same sequence
  • Linnworks and Peoplevox product SKUs must be same
  • If you have a single location in Linnworks and you have mapped that location with Peoplevox then Peoplevox stock becomes the master stock for Linnworks.
  • If you have 5 locations in Linnworks and you have mapped one location of Linnworks with Peoplevox location then Peoplevox stock will become master only to the mapped location in Linnworks.
  • If an item in a Linnworks order is not available at Peoplevox items, then on Peoplevox, the order will not be displayed properly (the item will not be exported in the order)
  • Similarly, if an item in Peoplevox is not available in Linnworks, then stock will not be updated in Linnworks.
Step 1: Installation

Install Peoplevox Warehouse Connector for Linnworks from the App Store

1. Login to
2. Select ‘Settings’ in the left hand toolbar
3. Select the ‘Application Store’
4. Click on the entry for “Peoplevox Warehouse Connector For Linnworks”
5. Click on the ‘Install’ link

You will be asked to enter your username and password to verify you’re allowed to link the App to the account.

Once application is installed, page will be refreshed. In case page does not get refreshed, refresh it using the refresh button in the browser, or F5 on your keyboard.

The Left hand side menu bar will now display a Peoplevox button at the bottom. You may need to scroll down.

Click on this button to open the App tab in

Step 2: Registration

To open the Peoplevox Connector, click on the button labeled “Peoplevox”

If you’re opening the App for the first time, please agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box – You can click on Terms and Conditions which is a link to read/review them.

Please click on the button labeled “Register Now” to begin with

Once registered, a Linnworks token will be added to your account, meaning you will not need to enter your Linnworks username and password again. If there is a problem, you may be redirected to the Generate Token page to manually add the token and verify it.

Once registered, users need to subscribe to use this App. The Subscription page will be opened automatically.

Step 3: Subscription

On this page, please select your preferred package, and click on ‘Continue’. Select payment method and subscribe for this app.

For the first time, pop up screen for the Configuration will be open.

Step 4: Configurations

After installation user open Peoplvox app in Linnworks then Below Wizard open , that will inform user to complete necessary steps to use this App.

If this Wizard close without following mention steps, then this wizard open again once user re-login to this App.

If this Wizard close then user follows configuration steps define on Top of this Application to complete necessary steps to use this application.

There are 5 steps of configuration. These steps are required for connection and data transfer between Linnworks and Peoplevox.

<1> Peoplevox Configuration
<2> Application Settings
<3> Stock Mapping
<4> Order Mapping
<5> Postal Service Mapping

<1> Peoplevox Configuration

These configuration settings are based on those choices made when the application was first installed. It controls the connection between the adaptor and PeopleVox. If required, the options in the configuration can be modified from this screen.

The following screen can be opened, allowing the configured details to be modified. Don’t forget to Save if you make changes, so they will be stored and applied.

  • On this Peoplevox Configuration screen user needs to enter the Client ID, Username, Password, Warehouse Site & Test / Live Account.
  • Client Id / User name / Password: This information you can get from Peoplevox or you can use same information that you are using at this link to login at Peoplevox:
  • These details will be verified and saved.
  • If there are any issues with the credentials you entered, you will be prompted by an Alert message, and re-directed back to the same screen to review and re-enter them.
  • Warehouse site: Warehouse site is not a mandatory. You define as Blank. But If you define information then should be same as available at peoplevox. That information you will get that information from Peoplevox  SetUp  Site. For reference please refer this snapshot
  • Test / Live Account : Test / Live account inform app, your integrated account Test / Live account of peoplevox.

Other: For any reason, if these configuration data are not set and saved, a warning message will be displayed. This is to alert you that your Peoplevox account is not configured with (and within) the App, and the adaptor will not function until it is.

Please click on the Configure link OR the Peoplevox Configuration button on the right hand side of the screen to continue.

<2> Application Settings

Once you click on Application Settings, the following screen will be opened, where functions can be enabled and/or disabled

Application settings has following 2 options:

<2.1> Order Import (Linnworks to Peoplevox)

  • When this check box is ticked, orders will be sent to Peoplevox from Linnworks. If it is NOT checked, the order import functionality will be disabled.
  • When you change this option, a prompt for “Yes” or “No” is displayed to confirm the change, and the user will need to select the appropriate option.

Note: Once order is exported to Peoplevox, Tag with date time of order exported will be added to order extended property.

<2.2> Stock Update (Peoplevox to Linnworks)

  • This works in the same manner as Order Import: Ticking the check box means that Linnworks Inventory items with matching SKUs will be updated from Peoplevox with updated stock levels. If un-checked, then the Stock Update functionality is disabled.

<3> Stock Mapping

List of Linnworks location available for enabling Stock Sync for particular locations. So whatever Linnworks locations have been ticked on this screen, stock will update on that location from Peoplevox.

Note : Default location in Linnworks not been available for Peoplevox stock mapping .

<4> Order Mapping

User can select from what location of Linnworks, order needs to be sent on Peoplevox. As an example , If user can select Default Location then only Default location order transfer to Peoplevox. Other order location that was define as Un-tick , so order from other location not been transfer from linnworks to Peoplevox.

<5> Postal Service Mapping

User has to define Postal Service as Carriers at Peoplevox. For reference please refer below snapshot

From Peoplevox App from Postal Service Mapping screen User can map Linnworks (Royal Mail 24, DPD Next Day, etc) Shipping services to their equivalent Peoplevox shipping services to ensure continuity between the two systems when orders are exported.

Once all config data has been set and saved, the main screen of the application will be displayed.

Step 5: Application Menu

In the top of the Peoplevox app is a button that expands out to show a menu:

1. Dashboard
2. Peoplevox Configuration : Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Peoplevox Configuration
3. Application Settings : Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Application Settings
4. Stock & Order Mapping : Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Stock Mapping /Order Mapping
5. Postal Service Mapping : Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Postal Service Mapping
6. Failed Stock Sync
7. Sync History
8. Documentation
9. Subscription and Support

<1> Dashboard

This is the App home screen, and it will be opened every time user opens the Peoplevox app in

This screen displays four types of information about the App:

A) Synchronization status:

  • This shows the Sync status of the services used by the Peoplevox App
  • There are 2 services running behind the app.
  • o Stock Update – From Peoplevox to Linnworks

    o Order Export – From Linnworks to Peoplevox

  • Force synchronization - This option causes the services to check and update ahead of their normal schedule.

Note: Once order is exported to Peoplevox, Tag with date time of order exported will be added to order extended property.

B) Order & Inventory Count:

Count of total orders exported and total SKUs updates in last 24 hours (From 00:00:00 on the current day until the time the screen was opened)

C) Stock Update History:

SKU updated by location, quantity and time.

D) Order Export History:

Order No, Customer Name, Source, SubSource and the date/time of the export.

<2> Peoplevox Configuration: Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Peoplevox Configuration
<3> Application Settings : Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Application Settings
<4> Stock & Order Mapping: Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Stock Mapping /Order Mapping
<5> Postal Service Mapping: Please refer Step 4 Configurations -> Postal Service Mapping

<6> Failed Stock Sync

This report summarizes Peoplevox SKUs which could not receive Inventory level updates from Peoplevox because they didn’t match/weren’t mapped to a Linnworks SKU. Ideally this list should be empty.

Option for searching data by typing SKU and / or searching failed SKU by dates is provided.

Result displays the error message and available quantity on Peoplevox.

<7> Sync History

This functionality has 2 parts:

<7.1> Order History

<7.2> Update Stock History

<7.1> Order History

  • Order can be searched by typing order no and clicking on search
  • Result will display
  • o Order no, Customer Name, Source, SubSource, Created Date, Exported Date

    o Exported date is date time when order has been created on Peoplevox

<7.2> Update Stock History

  • SKU status can be searched by typing SKU No and clicking on search
  • Result will display
  • o SKU, Current Location, Current Quantity, Previous Location, Previous Quantity, Updated On

    o Update On is date time when last this SKU has been updated

<8> Documentation

Once clicked, the documentation link will be opened with information about using the Peoplevox Connector Application

Link: Link:

Step 6: Subscription and Support

<1> Subscription Information

You must use the Subscribe Now option to select a monthly or annual subscription option if you wish to continue using the Connector, and have not done so already.

By clicking on Subscribe Now, you will be redirected to subscription page.

<2> Support

Support contact details can be accessed by clicking on the Support button.

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