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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aking your organization digital ad standouts in an ocean of rivals could be a challenge, so it’s valuable to make use of each trick to present your offer and the helpful services or products you offer. Google AdWords has recently released a new feature to their selection of ad extensions that will definitely help you to do just that. Below I have mentioned a few reasons to consider these adWords callout extensions from Google’s support documentation.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration about adding callouts to your ads:

  • Summarize or highlight your business offering: Promote your well-liked or exclusive aspects of your business.
  • Minimize work and update callouts simply: You are not required to create new text ads or edit them to incorporate callouts. It is possible to change your callout textual whenever you wish to, keeping your ads up-to-date with special offers and sales.
  • Flexibility: You can include callouts at the campaign, account or ad group levels; it is also allowing you to incorporate both detailed and generic information within your ads.
  • Detailed reporting: Discover how many clicks occurred on your ad while callouts appeared and weigh your summary callout statistics at the ad group, campaign or ad levels. Also, you can segments your statistics with the use of “Top vs. Other” to find out where ads along with callouts were mentioned above organic Google search results.
  • Data retention: You are able to edit your callouts without resetting any performance statistics.
  • Customized callouts for mobile: Generate mobile-optimized callouts to exhibit on mobile devices or disable certain callouts on the devices you select.
  • Scheduling with start and end dates: Mention the dates, days of the week and times of day your own callouts will be eligible to exhibit.
Managing, Scheduling, and Reporting Callouts

Google adWords callout extension has a 25 character limits and up to 4 callouts could be shown with a search ad. For your callouts to be eligible* to exhibit your ad you might need a minimum of a two callouts for each campaign, account or ad group. Make sure you are considering Google’s recommendations:

  • Try to keep your text short (between 12 to 15 characters)
  • Provide specific details
  • Consider sentence case not title case

It is equally advised to utilize them in conjunction with other types of as formats, mainly in a targeted and pertinent way. Just like other forms, callouts are generally managed under the ad extensions tab at the campaign, account or ad group level.

Do you need help, setting up your AdWords extensions?

To know more about implementing callout extensions or any other extension into Google search AdWords advertisements, contact eBusiness guru and we would be pleased to develop a strategy which is right for your business.

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