Multi Channel Ecommerce – Be the Part of Success Story of 2014


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s United Kingdom business broadly reports an uncertain and difficult terrain for UK high street and online retail, it will probably be those who have the capability to change and innovate will only turn out on top in 2014. Here’s some sort of run-down of what eBusiness guru thinks will be trending and driving UK online shopping in this present year 2014.


It’s simply no secret that the emergence of latest Smartphone technology as a suitable method of online shopping for clientele is transforming UK retail. Whether it’s secret or not, there are so many brands that are unable to adapt this trend and this is the reason they are falling behind.

Mobile technology will for sure assist to shape the 2014 retail market, however it will be only for those who act promptly and provide their consumers a safe, user friendly and accessible path parting their money.

Payment advances

Technology and automation might assist traditional loyalty concepts with appearing streamlined payment procedures in 2014. This will help to promote more quickly and easily in a retail surroundings. The industry has always appreciated online retail however, collectively this year; for an organization, it is required to identify the similar importance of client experience.

The contact less payment procedure will assist to shape this landscape, with using the spotlight altering to mobile contact less technology. Because cloud based payment providers have a long ago get it in the act and are in the procedure of making payment experience hassle free at the point of selling.


With all the growth of development and acceptance of technologies comes a renewed call for innovation in security. It’s been reported that consumers are not able to trust entirely, but a balance between security and convenience might help in 2014.

Hosted payment services of third party look like they’ll lead the way in 2014. High profile enterprises presently devoted to building the most up-to-date advancements within technologies and are also in the approach to provide these same to their retailers.


Online retail success in 2014 will certainly be dependent on the transnational elements of shopping and much more on the client experience. But the one who will introduce strategy and innovation will be the leading retailer because the technology will help them to engage and communicate with customers.


Technology delivers the opportunity to provide personal service to your consumer. By offering preliminary engagement services to on-going keep warm tactics, you can personalize the journey for a buyer just at the one click.

Be an online success story of 2014

Foremost UK brands have established their resilience to the current economical ailments through adopting technologies and multi-channel eCommerce strategies. House of Fraser, John Lewis and HMV are those who have reported their expansion through dressing their online shop appropriately.

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