Why Do People Prefer to Shop Online
Why Do People Prefer to Shop Online?
May 7, 2014
How to Manage Online Store Inventory
How to Manage Online Store Inventory?
May 19, 2014
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Best Order Management System for Current Ecommerce

Linnworks - Integrating Sales Channels
About Multi Channel Ecommerce Solutions:

  • It is multi-channel software for managing e-commerce businesses on various web portals.
  • It work as a single-point-system which can be used to view, organize, and update web-channel listings.
  • It supports all popular e-commerce portals so that you can integrate multiple channels and manage all of them all together without having to worry about taking care of each individual channel separately.
  • It lets you perform multi-channel integration and mapping, shipping management, order management, reporting and analysis.
  • Stock Control feature makes sure that your products are sufficiently stocked all the times. If alerts you when any particular item is under-stocked or over-stocked. It ends, revises, and re-lists the products automatically!
  • Inbuilt feature for Customer Relationship Management CRM to store customer information. You can also create discount/promotional coupons for valuable customers.
  • Features like repricer and stock utility keeps track of market changes lets you stay in competition to main a customer base.
  • It is easy to learn and use; it saves your time and resources so that you can focus on more important tasks like expanding your business verticals.
  • From integrating your channels and delivering your products, It automates every aspect of e-commerce business providing a greater extensibility to your business.

Features of Multi Channel Ecommerce Solutions:

  • Supports Multiple Channels: When you have your business hosted on various channels, it becomes harder to manage each channel separately. Additionally, it is difficult and tedious to keep a track of all inventories manually. It can integrate multiple channels to be used on a single multi-channel platform which enables you to easily manage about almost everything that you can think of concerning your e-commerce business.
  • Inventory Management: It lets you use a single inventory for multiple channels. It provides comprehensive inventory information at one place. Also, for every item sold on each integrated channel, It updates the stock levels automatically. It provides a detailed product view displaying stock levels, stock value, and other relevant information regarding each product in your inventory.
  • Shipping Management: It avails you with all major shipping providers which are pre-integrated with the It system. It becomes very easy to manage and track your order through It shipping management feature. Also, you can embed shipping labels and stamps on your invoices so that it prints the accurate information on your invoices every time you process an order.
  • Order Management: It lets you handle several order management tasks like viewing order, process orders, putting your order on hold, processing returns/refunds/ etc from a single window easily and efficiently. It lets you view and filter your order on various criteria like time period, order status, order source, and order location. Your existing channel order can be easily downloaded and processed using It. It also lets you process direct orders from clients which do not come through any particular sales channel.
  • Bulk Listing: It is very time consuming if you list bulk products one-by-one on every channel that you operate. It provides a bulk listing feature that fetches the information from your inventory and updates the relevant information on every channel in no time. You can configure channel listing requirements to specify listings for each channel.

Advantages of It:

  • Easy to use: It is very user friendly; the users interface is such that you need not to be very tech-savvy to use It. If you have basic acquaintance of operating a computer, you can learn and operate It in short period with minimum efforts.
  • Supports all major e-commerce websites: It currently support all major e-commerce portals like eBay, Amazon, and Play.com. This means, you can save your time and resources by managing all your channels distinctively.
  • One Stop Solution: Weather you want to place an order, update your listings, cancel an order, manage shipping services, change/update your orders, update your inventory, add a new channel source or do any additional task pertaining your e-commerce business, It let you do all in a blink of an eye.
  • Reporting made easy: There are various pre-formatted reports available with It. You can view daily, monthly, and annual reports to track your performance and make wise decisions. It provides you a feature where you can form customized reports to view select parameters and specifications in your reports.
  • Acquire and maintain customers: It has a functionality which tracks and reports the current prices and other relevant information regarding the products listed on your channels. It updates you whenever there is a change in prices of products by your competitors on the channels integrated with It. In this way, it becomes convenient to update your prices and stay in the market.
  • Cost Effective: Taking into consideration the features and advantages, It is available in a price range which is very competitive and alluring. You can choose a package which suits your budget and works best for your business.

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