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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he easiest path to trade your products, improve revenue, productivity and achieve international coverage is to provide you the world’s biggest web marketplace. Many thanks to Amazon integration for you cause this simple so that you can handle your stock list, products consumers and orders. Currently, you ought not to spend large volumes for the marketing assets also to entice additional site visitors to the web store. A marketplace like Amazon allures a larger amount of website visitors compared to the other retailers. Making use of this source to get further on the internet consumers is the greatest idea intended for online retailers without having bothering in regards to the distinct technological platforms.

Amazon integration key features:
Low user entry barriers

You can find millions of buyers that are associated with Amazon as well as thousands of connected internet websites. Vendors may use with their profit, the present customers’ information including their own profiles, payments as well as information related to address. Trades may use this information with their benefits simply by allowing them use their own Amazon login ID rather than generating the new.


As an online trader, you can spare your time and hassle by trouble-free discovering your products which are uploaded in Amazon. You possibly can rapidly upload products on Amazon.

Inventory control

You will get the centralized command & management regarding inventory which is submitted to Amazon online marketplace. Retailers can easily opt that product that needs to be submitted to Amazon online marketplace.

Streamlined Order management

From single point you can manage your online orders with the eCommerce integration. It is possible for the retailers through Amazon they can deal with both orders through Amazon and web store orders.

Additional traffic

Suppliers are able to use the presented infrastructure on the Amazon to their benefits such as advertising and marketing actions carried out by the Amazon.

Simple and easy login

On-line customers’ accounts are automatically made in the multi-channel store through downloading orders from Amazon webstore design.

Evade overselling

After every order on Amazon multi-channel eCommerce integration, inventory will be automatically updated on Amazon.
Allocating Shipping Services

On Amazon channel integration, in the setting category, there will be an option name “Channel Integration”, “Allocate Shipping Services” you will found it by clicking on the configuration.

It includes two different columns; one of them is “Service” that includes the name of the shipping services, Amazon will include it in the orders you will obtain from the channel. The second column considers the name of our multi channel service; that can be used to integrate with postal procedure of Amazon Shipping Services.

It intends, from Amazon when you will download new orders, an ideal postal method will be automatically obtained from the shipping services, but for that you have to manually fix up in the application.

Entire Amazon primarily shipping services will be assigned under the “Default” category, it will be available to map if you will fix up for more services. With an Amazon shipping services, if you want to do that configuration tick on the cell column corresponding on the right hand and opt suitable Postal Method from the listed drop down list.

When you are pleased by the shipping services of Amazon, from the correctly mapped orders you will about to require acquiring, after that to save the updates and get back to the channel configuration page click on ‘OK’.

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