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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ulfillment by Amazon is one such quick-witted web service that offers a serving hand to traders by efficiently executing the multifaceted and sensitive order fulfillment process on their behalf. The purpose of this highly functional program is to offer sellers with the storage space capability for their inventory and execute orders from the Amazon fulfillment center. FBA offers individuals and small enterprises as well as large corporations with the chance to go beyond the potential of their consumers with smart, safe, and speedy order delivery.

How FBA works?
Eligible free shipping for $35 or above orders and Amazon prime:

Free customer shipping service is loved by Amazon consumers, because these delivery alternatives are obtainable for your listings.


Your FBA listing products on are classified by product price with no shipping costs since your products are suitable for free shipping on orders over $35 or Prime.

Faithful customer service:

All the products placed in FBA listings are presented with the “Fulfillment by Amazon” logo, so consumers can be aware that all the packing, delivery, returns and customer service are managed by Amazon.

From any channel fulfill your orders:

At Amazon by using your inventory, store, FBA will help you to satisfy your orders by other sales channel usage. With a trouble-free online user interface, you can monitor your inventory and at anytime directly you can return your inventory.

And Many More:

Your consumers will also get benefit from classification like, every minute countdown for “one day shopping” and also gift wrapping.

How to use FBA

For your customer use of FBA is trouble free

First of all, the products you want to upload send it to Amazon

Just go through the following steps, when you send used or new products to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

  • Into the seller central, first of all upload your listings
  • Allow Amazon to fulfill your entire inventory
  • Take this thing into consideration use provided PDF labels by Amazon or you may use label service offered by FBA.
  • You may use discounted shipping offer by Amazon or choose your preferable carrier.
All your products will be stored by Amazon
  • Your inventory is scanned and received by Amazon.
  • For storage it records division dimensions
  • You can examine inventory using multi-channel integrated tracking system.
Your product will be order by customer
  • Over $35.* no shipping costs will be eligible
  • For your eligible listings, Amazon prime allows members to upgrade shipping options.
Your product is picks and wraps by Amazon
    • Using multi-channel integrated solution Amazon places your products.
    • Consumers have rights to combine orders with different products by using FBA.
Products shipping service is offered by Amazon
      • Customer’s orders are shipped by Amazon using their favoured method
      • FDA offer’s customer tracking information
      • Regarding order related concern or query customers can contact customer service.
Detailed guidelines to get started with FBA
Quick start

Following below simple steps you can add fulfillment by Amazon promptly and trouble free

      • First of all go to the inventory and then click on the manage inventory
      • Choose a product you want to add as an FBA listing by verifying the box
      • Then after pull down actions menu and click on the change, which is fulfilled by Amazon.
      • You will be presented to next page, where click on the convert button.
      • or your first shipment follow all the procedure appropriately.

In your multi-channel eCommerce if you have fulfillment center, in the open orders category it will be shown. From the dropdown box by choosing location, it is possible to view open orders from processing location.

Procedure to add orders in the Amazon FBA
      • First of all choose the order you want to add in the fulfillment center
      • Then after on the chosen orders just right click
      • Click on the Action category> where you will find bulk change > after that click on the fulfillment center> at last click on your preferred name of fulfillment center
      • All your orders will be locked down, formerly it is propelled and then later from the next time sync orders will be automatically posted to Amazon FBA.
Please your customers for the needs of FBA – along with multi-channel solutions by eBusiness guru

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