3 Benefits of Video Marketing


Video Marketing

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]ideo is an emerging medium for Marketing. With over one hour of video being uploaded on YouTube every second, the world is surely going to see some changes ahead.

But, before we delve into the tech savvy details about video marketing, let’s start with the basics first.

Websites are usually composed of three elements that communicate a message to an audience. These are: Visual, Aural, and Conceptual




Visual Elements constitutes the layouts, colors images, CSS styling etc.

Components like music, voice-over, click sounds etc make up the Aural Element

The Content which communicated the message is the Conceptual Element

Video in its prime value is the composition of all these three aesthetic elements. Video is what demands attention from an audience because video is the only medium that makes maximum utilization of a person’s senses simultaneously.

With the evolution of video sharing in the recent years, people have become more responsive and convinced when presented with a video rather than text. HD videos have taken over the internet giving people instant access to pixel-sharp videos on mobile & desktop devices leading many companies to engage in video for marketing.


There are many benefits of using video in marketing. First of all, it is great way to engage customer to your message. Video allows you correctly focus on your message delivery as opposed to simple text where users have the freedom of interpretation. With plain text, users often tend to Scan text and read what might be relevant to them. On the other hand, Video offers nothing like that. You either watch the video in its entirety or if it fails to capture your attention, you stop watching.

Video has an amazing way to create an emotional connection with an audience. It is driven by the elements of a story-telling that customers respond far better than reading plain text. Studies have proved that watching 1 second of video can provide more information than reading 10 seconds of text.

Although it is important that your video has influential elements that will make customers stay until the very end of the video, otherwise they are just going to detract and navigate elsewhere.


BrandingUnlike text, video creates a face-to-face experience with users. Having a “human” touch in branding is always a great addition. It shows what and who the company is. It depicts and expression that instills in the mind of the users giving them confidence and promotes your brand. Not to mention people will tend to remember more likely with video than pictures. Some high-end companies invest great money in skilled expertise to create online videos. These companies are perceived as legitimate with interest in providing services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

You might be shocked to hear this, but SEO is more favorable to Video than it is to text/images. Let’s look at what in store for Search Engine Optimization with Video.



Google’s Search Engine Result Pages sometimes include a thumbnail of a video still indicating that the landing page contains video. The search listing algorithm is so organic that it priorities higher ranking with pages that contain videos. Therefore having a video on you page will help you land on the top searches within Google.

Conversion Rates

With increasing user engagement and gaining customer confidence, videos drive greater conversion for eCommerce Sites. Research shows that users tend to click “Add to Cart” more often for products that have videos associated with them as opposed to plain descriptive.



Back links are an important factor in SEO analysis that determines the authenticity of a webpage, informally known as votes for pages around the World Wide Web. The diagram here depicts medium of video links shared on Twitter. It is clear that YouTube dominates the video back links, followed by Vine and Instagram. Twitter shares about 38 million video links every single day.

Video Search Engines

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Having an online presence definitely has its advantages. Make sure you have videos and a channel that can be used rank in YouTube as well as Google. Embedding YouTube videos has become easy and SEO captures this when you integrate them in your pages.

Video Marketing obviously is growing fast and people are investing money in this channel. If you are new to this medium, it would be best to consult a video marketing consultancy like eBusiness Guru, they have a great team and skilled expertise that can help with branding.

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