Cross Border Trading in eBay


Definition of CBT

Cross border Trading is technique that enables trading between multiple countries. For Example: If your company is belonging from United Kingdom selling to a Company in United States, it’s called Cross Border Trading, International sales and International trading. By using CBT techniques the merchants can easily buy and sell items between business and neighboring countries with centralized inventory facility.

CBT is eBay’s term for trading that happens across global marketplaces. If you want to list your products on multiple countries eBay websites such as (UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, JP) you can accept the terms and conditions for using the cross border trading. EBay identified this and have located an enormous package together to assist retailers and save them money.

In order to list your products to multiple countries, you will need to accept the eBay cross border trading agreements, after that you will need to logged into your eBay account.

Example of CBT Account

Once you have logged in your eBay account, you will be able to access your previous records like order listing from (UK, DE, and FR) with the help of your own eBay store. This means you are using CBT account.

If you want to place your order and listing from then you will need to access your account, same condition is applied on account. This means you are not using CBT account.

It’s advisable for retailers to integrate their eBay store with multi-channel integration. With multi-channel integration retailers can easily start trading with multiple countries. It does not allow retailers to adding separate eBay channels for the multiple eBay stores.

Features of Cross Border Trading
  • Set Postage Costs per Country
  • Translation on
  • Free International Listings
  • Appeal to new customers
  • Choose an underserved market
  • Overcome seasonality
  • Find similarities across markets

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