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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a business drop shipping on eBay is the most difficult for several reasons. Listed below is the 5 drop shipping problems.

1) Shipping Time

If the product you are selling on eBay is not in your possession then it might be challenging to deal with the exact shipping time. To hold superior consumer rating you are required to ship as quickly as possible, which will help you to control with drop shipping.

2) Inventory Control

Always, you won’t have a definitive inventory calculation. This could bring complications if the particular product you are selling goes out of stock. If you face such situation, you will have to ask consumers to wait and that might cause cancellation of orders or negative feedback. Cancellation of orders will definitely affect your eBay seller rating.

3) Images

A product package is something that attracts consumers to take a look on the product. Manufacturers used to change the packing of their products. However, the product is going to be same there will be only difference in its packing. If the consumers get a package that is somewhat different than the mentioned image on the website then there are possibilities that your product could have poor feedback.

4) Damage

While shipping the products you are required to make sure that boxes are not getting to damage. However, the product you are shipping might be fine; however, it causes negative feedback on your eBay store. If any of your customers return that product then you will have to pay for its shipping. So, before you get into this drop shipping you have to make sure that you already have previously arranged about damage packing.

5) Competition

Companies, which are involved in drop shipping, work with plenty of other retailers on eBay. This particularly erodes all of the chances of making profits. Such kind of drop shipping organizations typically charges you some sort of monthly membership fee. It makes it challenging for making money unless you plan to automate product listing processes.

Automation is the answer

Automation quickly keeps your product listing, cost adjustments, images of packaging and many more updates in real time. If you’re simply doing listings of a few products you can do this by yourself.

The advantages of drop shipping on eBay integration are why so many people choose to go down this particular route. You are not required to invest in inventorying yourself that preserves you from inventory risks and saves on cash flow. With the automation of inventory you can list and sell thousand of products in no time.

Pro eBay Tips:
  • You will want to have a good relationship with a drop shipping organization, to be successful
  • You are required to get the best prices so you can list the products more competitive in addition to comprehending their policies
  • Once you begin to sell a lot obviously you will have better pricing
  • Many peoples’ lists of break-even to cut out the competition and reach that level fast

If you are all the set for this money making path, then get ready to set a game plan and you will be ready to face the challenges of drop shipping on eBay.

Wishing you the best for happy online selling!

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