eBusiness Guru and Parcel Station – An Enduring, Effective eCommerce Partnership

Parcel Station was created in 2012 with a vision to source better deals for eCommerce sellers with big courier firms. Now in their fifth year, Parcel Station provide a single-source shipping solution to eCommerce sellers for domestic and international shipping and handle over 12 million parcels, working with many couriers including UK Mail, Hermes, Yodel, DHL, Royal Mail and PostNL to provide a low-cost service.

James Hayes, the co-founder of Parcel Station, told us why he reached out to eBusiness Guru in the early days of their business.

owner of parcel station

“We found eBusiness Guru in early 2013 – to make Parcel Station work we knew we needed strong relationships with others in the eCommerce industry, and literally everybody we spoke to knew of eBusiness Guru, so once we’d worked with them, it was a great value add for our eCommerce customers to be able to recommend them.”

James also highlighted how his direct contact with eCommerce sellers gives valuable insight of the perception of eBusiness Guru within the eCommerce industry:

“I know people who trust implicitly and give full rein to eBusiness Guru to take over and do full development of an eCommerce website, eBay shop or eCommerce integration with a channel… everybody I speak to who use them say they deliver on what they say they will.”

After first starting work together in 2013, eBusiness Guru built a new website for Parcel Station last year. The high-quality customer service that we provide for all our customers was one of the reasons the team at Parcel Station chose us for their website project.

“Although Parcel Station is growing, we still act like a local business. We give people the touch and feel of a local business, and treat businesses closely rather than being just a number, and I think a lot of people appreciate that…

There’s synergies between the approaches of our companies – it’s a touchy-feely, personalised approach with customers… and it’s easy to work with the eBusiness Guru team – they are so responsive, to the point that during our website project the team were chasing me for information, not the other way around!”

James was impressed with the speed of our service – we aim for a realistic timescale and of course manage the expectations of our clients, but where possible we will always try to complete projects ahead of schedule – without compromising on quality and service. For the Parcel Station website project, we delivered in great time:

“eBusiness Guru delivered our website ahead of schedule… we wanted the website live by August, and it was ready by the start of July, with the website project only started in April. We found the interaction with staff in both the UK and India teams was great.”

Once the website launched, Parcel Station were soon able to see a return on their investment in terms of brand image, which is exactly what our design experts planned.

“We found an immediate gain in terms of improved brand image. We sponsored Linn Academy (the Linnworks conference for eCommerce sellers) in September after the website launched in July… the image the website now presents backs up our growth. Our image before was that Parcel Station was a small parcel shop that just took a few parcels… and now our website is much more corporate, professional and portrays us as a national company which is great.”parcel stationWe’re proud of all our work, but never more so than when we’ve delivered a great solution for a long-term eCommerce partner. We are delighted to have contributed to the ongoing success of Parcel Station, and we anticipate working together on many successful projects for the benefit of the eCommerce industry in the future.

If you’d like to discuss a website project or another aspect of your eCommerce business that eBusiness Guru can help you with, get in touch.

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