The Expansion Of E-Business And E-Commerce

The Expansion of eBusiness and eCommerce

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aking use of technology furnished by the online world and the internet, organizations have also been able to network their procedure by using the World-wide-web system. That is why; it was really required to have an exceptionally protected and economical method for relocating all the details within the organization. This embarked over the 1980’s through a technology, which is known as a server. Server permitted to have efficient amount of data with the full security. Data relating demand from the server to the client resulting in smaller traffic on the business network. However, on the other hand it was costly to maintain and develop the server applications, but still organizations were wishing to make use of server in an affordable way.

Compatibility between various servers

Organizations were in need of an actual application that may run with specific program with the compatibility between DOS/Windows, UNIX and Apple platforms. With the use of it various versions can be used and managed.

Purpose of TCP/IP system protocol

By using TCP/IP system protocol, it became possible to write efficient software. It becomes completely possible on any of the computing programs utilizing internet browser. The issue of price and compatibility was successfully handled. A facility of the internet and the security of server came with a large scale.

The expansion of e-Business

While using the mixture of networking, interactivity, multimedia system and information processing, the internet comes with a tremendously wide selection of prospects with regard to electronic business and eCommerce solutions. Since defined by Timmers (2000), eBusiness involves electronic exchanging with physical and intangible products along with all features of internet marketing, transactions and shipping.

Thematic marketing campaign

The beginning of the eBusiness comes into existence on early nineties when commercial visitors from the internet were in whole swing action and professional dial up solutions hit the market. However, as per the, IBM seemed to be the 1st to use the term in October 1997. The idea unveiled the thematic marketing campaign for the time period eBusiness.

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