5 Reasons you'll love Delivery SMS for Linnworks


Delivery SMS for Linnworks allows you to automatically notify your customers when their order ships via SMS text message, including tracking information where it’s available.

With key retail opportunities approaching, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day (in China), Halloween, and Christmas, and with competition from Amazon and leading High Street brands, the immediacy of delivery notification reaching the customer’s phone (Even if they don’t have a smartphone) adds gratification, making a better impression. This leads to repeat sales and recommendation, by giving the impression you have shipped faster than your competitors.

If you are a Linnworks user, here are five quick reasons why you should use Delivery SMS:

1. Cost- Effective

For only 5p per message, Eagle Delivery SMS gives you an effective, universal way to communicate with your customer base. You can top up from as little as 500 credits for only £21, a small investment for the improved communication and customer satisfaction.

Cost- Effective

2. Customers don’t have to pay to receive their notifications, or have a Smartphone

In a world where you expect everyone to have smartphones, there is still a small percentage of people who don’t use them devices for various reasons; Some may temporarily have a loan phone, or a cheap replacement after breakage, for example. Others may not have a large data allowance, and may keep their data off and use Wi-Fito receive push email notifications cheaply, but sporadically. Some are just suspicious about Smartphones with many modern scare stories about technology, etc. With Delivery SMS, you can reach customers no matter HOW basic their phone is, and even when their mobile data allowance has run out. They immediately know that their order has been dispatched, even if they have a landline – BT will call them and read the SMS!!

Customers don’t have to pay to receive their notifications, or have a Smartphone

3. Choose which selling channels will receive notifications, and personalise your message

You can filter which SMS is sent (if any!) based on the Linnworks sub source, giving you control over who gets notifications. You can choose all of your sub sources or select specific ones to run a campaign for, and they’re all available direct from your Linnworks account. You can then customise your message, starting with our ready-made examples, and turning those into your very own custom message templates.

Choose which selling channels will receive notifications, and personalise your message

4. Automation to save time and energy

You use Linnworks for its automation – Saving you time and letting you focus on other areas of your business. When you use Delivery SMS to run your SMS text campaigns automatically, it follows the instructions you set without getting bored or making mistakes, until you need to top up, or until you decide to stop them. And if you then want to run a smaller campaign and control the scope, you can use the manual sync button to trigger the campaign, which is effective for one hour from clicking.

Automation to save time and energy

5. Marketing and Increasing Revenue

Take a leaf from the book of major companies including O2 and EE, who market back to their own customer base to increase Average Revenue per Customer.

Marketing and Increasing Revenue

Create custom messages for existing customers that have received order dispatch notifications previously. There are a number of options in Delivery SMS that you can use for creating custom templates, while being simple to use. Delivery SMS doesn’t just work with your eBay, Amazon, Magento, and Shopify orders, but with all selling channels on Linnworks as long as they include a phone number.

From just 5p a text, you can make a world of difference to your customer order feedback rating score!

Features include:

  • Automated text (SMS) order notification filtered by Linnworks sales source
  • Custom SMS templates for personalised messages
  • SMS and user credit history to review usage
  • SMS dashboard reporting and statistics for campaign reviews

The application is free to download now on the Linnworks Application store.

Just top-up (Minimum £21 for 500 SMS Credits) to get started!

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