Four Features of Our Groupon Software Sellers Love

Pre-Christmas sales can be tricky – On the one hand, you’ll be selling loads of some items, but on the other, you’ve probably got a few items that aren’t selling as well as you’d like. If you’ve reviewed the information in the listings for the items that aren’t moving and they’re accurate, then perhaps it’s not the right item for the marketplaces you have them listed on. Different marketplaces service different groups of customers within a geographical area, and therefore not everyone will want everything you sell. If you don’t want to be stuck with a load of dead stock when January rolls around, then maybe it’s time to consider selling those items on Groupon.

GrouponGroupon is one of the biggest marketplaces for special offers across Europe, and if you’re looking to increase sales of a particular item, perhaps making use of a bundle deal to really tempt shoppers, then Groupon can be a great place to do that. Although some of you reported that you found some of their processes tricky, with too many spreadsheets, with our integration (newly released this year!) there’s no need for spreadsheets to even cross your mind.

EuropeCentralised Order Management

Whether you choose to sell just to the UK, or you want to sell on Groupon throughout Europe, you can manage all your Groupon orders in one place, with just one login for all your European sales. (Currencies are converted automatically, so you don’t need to worry about calculations either!) The software also updates the platform when you have processed and shipped the orders, so you don’t need to take any further action.

Automatic Invoicing

As you process your orders, our Groupon software creates your invoices for you automatically – which helps you identify inconsistencies quicker, and get paid on time. And when you need them, you can download all your invoices with just one click.Easy Payment Reconciliation

Easy Payment Reconciliation

Our software shows you all your payments in one screen, no matter which Groupon channel the order came from – helping you to identify your outstanding payments easily, and spot new opportunities.

Groupon Analytics

With great reporting functions, our software allows you to quickly identify sales trends and provides profitability reporting. You can forecast your sales and cash flow so you can be certain that you’re getting the most from Groupon.

Our solution can be used whether you’re a Linnworks user or you’d prefer a standalone solution for your Groupon sales. And like all our eCommerce solutions, our Groupon software is priced sensibly so you’re not sacrificing huge chunks of cash from your profits to manage your orders.

Sound good? There’s more information here, but get in touch if you have questions.

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