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If you’ve decided you’re ready to sell on Groupon and you’re doing your research, you might be intimidated by how different Groupon’s procedures are to eBay and Amazon, or perhaps you’ve been concerned about the reliance on spreadsheets, which we know has deterred some of our clients. To make selling on Groupon easier, we created the eBusiness Guru Groupon Software, so you can handle your Groupon business quickly and easily, without the hassle of those spreadsheets.


With Linnworks, or not with Linnworks? That is the question…
Whether you currently use a multi-channel solution such as Linnworks or not, our Groupon software can help you manage your Groupon business. Our software can bring your Groupon business into Linnworks so you can deal with your Groupon orders alongside your orders from other channels, or you can use the software independently without Linnworks to keep up with Groupon with less work and less worry – it’s up to you.


Groupon Europe in one click
If you’re planning to list your products on Groupon Goods in several countries, dealing with different currencies and having to log into Groupon separately might feel like a hassle. The eBusiness Guru Groupon software easily resolves those issues by requiring only one password for all your Groupon channels and deals with currency conversion for you. Everything is together in one place, with one set of controls and reports.


Streamlined Groupon invoicing and payments
If you want your Groupon business to be as successful as your other marketplaces, getting your invoicing and payment reconciliation right is critical. Our Groupon software can create your invoices automatically at your preferred time, and can help highlight invoice inconsistencies so you get paid correctly, and on time. You can see your Groupon payments in one place, regardless of the country they were placed in, and you can download all the documentation you need for your accounting needs quickly and simply.


Groupon shipping and tracking information – delivered
If you’re wary of reports that uploading shipping and tracking information to Groupon is difficult, don’t worry. When you mark your Groupon order as processed either in Linnworks or in our Groupon software, shipping and tracking information is sent to Groupon automatically – you don’t have to take any further action.


Write your own Groupon rules
Your business needs to run the best way for you. eBusiness Guru’s Groupon software allows you to customise your Groupon processes with the use of simple rules. Tell the software when to create your invoices, what to automate – it really is your call.


The best Groupon reporting
Whether you enjoy number crunching or not, it’s a necessary part of selling online. The powerful analytics tools that we have built into our Groupon software include deal forecasting and profitability reporting, so you can easily manage and improve your Groupon business.


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If you’re ready to see how easy managing your Groupon business across Europe can be, contact us and we’ll help you get started using our simple Groupon software.

Dawn Matthews
Dawn Matthews
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