You Still Using Your PC to Buy from eBay?


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have considered selling on eBay do not perform well unless the fiscal crisis ends, seriously you are very much mistaken. With the nonstop development of technology everything comes really close to you. You are only a few clicks away from whatever thing you need. With the usage of a mobile phone you can enjoy the benefits of the globe compressed in a gadget that you can fit in your pocket.

You will perhaps not be cognizant of it; but mobile technology and smart phones nowadays have tremendous impact on the market in general and it besides add a considerable amount to eBay sales made. You won’t trust me, but an eBay mobile app that was launched in 2008 has now downloaded more than 260 million download. In the past 3 months the number of downloads are 20 million plus. This made the entire mobile sales space rocket on eBay; it has increased by 68%, solely in the second quarter of the year.

The previous year, with the use mobile sales revenue of $20 billion was earned that made the market far more obtainable for everyone. This present year’s figures have already surpassed the last year’s numbers and records.

eBay’s head of worldwide mobile product department, Jonathan Gabbai, uncovered that more than 500 engineers team are working continually on boosting the mobile services offered by them. We are also perfecting the smart phone apps that will undoubtedly make the mobile shopping experience care free and easier for all. Almost 40% of the eBay transactions around the world are touched by mobile technology.

Easy ShoppingAre you still thinking this is difficult to deal with? Consider it. You are no more tied to the desktop and cables although you can verify for anything you require in your spare time.  Whether you are simply roaming in the garden or having lunch you can browse it through your mobile.

To get people to buy from your eBay web store design has never been easier. You are really required to open up your store from mobile devices. This is really a fact that with the use of an eBay app on every second one item is bought. As you are aware, eBay is continually working on the new technology; you are also required to do the same. Your first step towards it should be descriptive and obviously imagine a design that might allure people to buy from you. Desires have never been far more important. Offer what you can do for your mobile users starting from today. Remember, you won’t lose the game only if you don’t participate. So, what are you waiting for?

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