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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]owadays every trader is revolving to different online retail channels as well as their own website to make sales online, this considers as integrating with third party websites such as eBay. Because huge numbers of audiences are offered to traders, so their own website can reach and become substantial sales channels in their own right. Multi channel ecommerce facilitates you to vend your products via an ecommerce site such as eBay. The handsomeness about eBay integration with multi-channel eCommerce solution is that you would normally accomplish on eBay are flawlessly done and carry out via one single interface. Many facets of eBay are managed by a single interface, for instance; stock and order system, shipping, product categorize fulfillment and payments. eBay has the capability to right away catalog all of your products from your ecommerce website on eBay as a ‘Buy it Now’ product.

Why sell on eBay?

In October 1999 eBay.co.uk was launched and today more than 10 million products and over 15 million consumers it is recognized as one of the most renowned online retail shops. It is considered as a farming virtual shop, for any business who wishes to sell online. From a global viewpoint eBay has over 212 million consumers who purchase and sell in more than 50,000 different categories. Incorporating your business into multi-channel eCommerce solution is a precious sales tool that offers another presentable tool to endorse and vend your products online via the internet. This will generate more traffic than any other high street can so the product can constantly come into view on page one of search engines.

Why do you want to connect an online store to eBay?
  • In number of reviews it has been shown that, selling your products through multi-channel eCommerce, boost up your opportunities for success and also can enhance the order cost. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons why you should integrate your business with eBay integration.
  • eBay is preferably one of the most popular marketing tool, which is visited by millions of buyers so it is a finest place to demonstrate your product and obtain new consumers.
  • Trading on eBay is trouble free and a very secure way; you can easily list your products. All you have to do is make sure about great deal because great deal because there are numerous competitors and people will come to you for great deal.
  • Once the sell is completed through eBay an ‘eBay order’ will seem in your back office and has been paid for on eBay. But as of now you have all the order and consumer detail and you can access that to remarket your new consumer.
  • In your shop, include your products to ‘eBay items’; upload and configure them to eBay. It will offer you marketing engine to cultivate your customer base.
Check History of eBay listing
Mapping listing

The system keeps detailed logs of all changes to the listings. You can review these logs by
1. Click Settings
2. Click Channel Integration
3. Click mapping button
For ebay integration click on the view log on the top right.

The screen divides into 3 different sections, Active Listings, Pending Relist and Ended (latest 10000 listings are shown for Ended listings). To view the log, double click on the record to bring up the log of the changes and actions. System will display listing titles, SKUs, Item IDs and Statuses.
How to view listing specific information

About the selected listing to view the specific information, double click on the listings. This will display the date the event happened, source of the log and the entry for the log.

Why you should prefer eBussiness guru for eBay integration?

The professional eBay store design integration with our multi-channel eCommerce permits you trouble-free download for your orders and listings from eBay then route them with our multi-channel into your accounting, CRM, ERP or database. Keep in mind we don’t store your eBay user name or password, only the token that is generated when you grant access after login.

Key Features
  • Point and click integration to the eBay ‘Order Download Service’
  • Downloads updated orders from last run date.
  • Supports eBay marketplace
  • Exports customers and order information in eBay XML format
  • Easily integrate your systems
  • Eliminate rekeying of data
  • Save hours of time

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