eBay Integration: A Doorway Into The eBay Universe


Having a great eBay store is an excellent inclusion to your trading arsenal. Integrating your store with eBay will provide you a room within eBay’s huge ecosphere where customization is easy, prices are fixed and your competition isn’t just being invited. Don’t consider eBay as your businesses’ niche market from where will serve to eBay’s existing traffic. You should consider it as a gateway into the eBay’s world.

Your fixed price listings and auctions are restricted to help to the buyers already on eBay, but your store has the ability to reach out further more than eBay’s borders and fetch new buyers. Whenever you design your own eBay store, don’t limit yourself ultimately to eBay by thinking about the needs and prospects of eBay shoppers. As an alternative, prefer to fascinate a new much larger audience the complete internet shopping population.

You will have so many benefits through an eBay store. It will not only improve your professional look along with credibility on eBay, it will likewise help you to make the more superior marketing and advertising strategies.

Usually the store items have fixed prices. It makes it available two main benefits. Very first, you are able to guarantee the profitability of each and every sale. Once a shopper enters into the seller’s eBay store, he will have more customary price expectations. It doesn’t matter to a shopper if he sees higher prices because he considers it as good service and assurance of quality.

Higher rates don’t imply that sellers are getting ripped off or losing themselves in the competitive environment. They will for sure turn into shoppers, definitely not as discount hunters. This provides a fantastic opportunity for you as a seller to sell and list your items for the top price, in the same way you would through your retail store.


eBay provides three various types of the store program: 1st is the most basic, 2nd is featured and 3rd one is anchor. The basic eBay costs $15.95 per month and it includes most of the bells and whistles that are the two higher price subscriptions. The actual variation in charges is especially due to placement and promotion of your store. Featured stores cost a bit higher, almost $49. 95 per month, it provides a promotional text link in the store gateway page. You can also place the links in shop eBay stores’ search result pages. The price of the Anchor store is $499.95 per month, however; they are 24-hour focused customer service support, and dedicated frequent promotion. It also provides an advertisement with the icon on top of the eBay store doorway. The opportunities through eBay store design are endless.


Before you build and customize your store, you should have clear outlined ambitions for your store. Don’t consider it as a small step; before getting into it think this step too considerably. Some of the sellers fill their eBay store with full of the products that they can’t seem to promote at auction. They consider that the listings charges are too low for the listed items and this is really a considerable way to promote unpopular products without spending too much.

eBay store has huge potential. It’s a complete eCommerce solution plunked all the way down the middle of countless shoppers. Search engines such as Ask.com, Live.com, Google, Yahoo and various others drive traffic into eBay stores on the daily basis. Some of the popular shopping sites like Shopping.com, Froogle, and Dealio do the complete same. You should establish ambitious goals for your eBay store.

The initial purpose of your eBay store should be to reflect your organization effectively. You ought to have customised design eBay store that will help you to improve the branding of your store. Make sure the logo is prominent and the colours are obvious. Your contact information should be displayed appropriately. You should establish your eBay store just like you set up non-eBay eCommerce stores.

Make your eBay store the way you want them, you can customise it as per your requirements and desire. Because your shopper doesn’t want to see such boring templates and colour schemes, a customised eBay store design will give your shoppers a favourable impression.

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