Why eBay Retailers are Moving to Multi Channel Software?

eBay retailers

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he multi channel software has been immensely prominent for a seller to sell products over the internet. It enables the seller with eBay order synchronization, eBay cross border trade, eBay integration, eBay image tools etc.  The multi channel software depot the stock level. The stock level synchronized with various sales channels for multi channel software master stock.  It the customers will make any changes, the software goes to all marketplaces and automatically updates the available stock level.

eBay Order Synchronization

The multi channel software provides the customer’s ability to resell their products, it gives automated update inventory features through this feature the customer can easily update their inventory and control orders process system at one place. Suppose you have deleted an eBay order and you want to re-download it. If you want to do this, in this case you will need to UTC filed in your channel integration in the configuration page. There are you can enter a date and time sooner than delete it. There are you can set your last Synchronization date and save the changes.

eBay Cross Border Synchronization

The cross border synchronization is making an association the process of buying and selling items across the several countries.  It means that within one eBay integration in multi channel software, you can start selling items with various countries.

eBay Add New Integration

The tips are walking through of the steps needed to integrate eBay account with the multi channel software. Once fully integrated software the ability to:

  • Automatically download new orders from eBay
  • Mark Products as dispatched on eBay
  • Eng Listing on eBay if you run out of stock.
  • Automatically realist products which are connected to inventory.
  • Download product detail from eBay
EBay configuration

While the customers have integrated their eBay account with multi channel eCommerce solutions. It will become visible in the list of channels on the channel integration screen. There are the customer can enable and disable integration and synchronize their inventory for each entity channels as well as configuration and inventory mapping tools. The same thing also applies during the process of inventory synchronization.

EBay Image Update Tools

The image update tools provide the customer to at the same time update images sorted within the multi channel software on the customer eBay listing them.

Account with images and text description from the eBay product catalog in the listing without going against this policy. You can also include product catalogs, at discretion, select seller generated images or photos from seller listings.

Shipping Support

Even as you set up your product you have various options for service levels, each with an estimated delivery time your buyer will see on the product page.  The shipping service level you select may control a trading decision.

  • Economy Shipping
  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping
  • One Day Shipping
Popular Listing Format

There are many pre-defined templates & formats that you can select according to your needs such as auction style listing, fixed price listing, classified ads, nominal listing and motor local monitor listing. The format is essential for every retailer having the greatest success in online business as this determines the right type of sales for your business.

Why Multi Channel Software is Popular in eBay Integarion?

The software provides the trading solutions for multi channel retailers that integrates store, web, mail order sales and back office fulfillment operations.

  • Inventory Management and Stock control
  • eBay Order Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Configuration
  • Listing Management
  • It enables the customer to analysis and reporting
  • Multichannel software enables the changelog
Store Front Display Module

Store front page module helps the customer to transfer the traffic at the front display page and it’s eBay to use modular and easy to configure area.  The storefront menu gives a customer to access the list of various modules. Through this page, customer can install, uninstall, and configure each module.

Listing Enhancements eBay

The eBay Integration listing enhancement can assist in customizing the appearance of customer listing and drive more buyers to the website.  That’s how you can also manage layout and templates for all your products.


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