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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this day and age eBay has become one of the most essential marketplaces to visit and waves for products that you have always required to purchase or sell. And on these websites, you can search the concept of eBay stores where it is possible for retailer to put products they want to put up for sale. There is mainly nothing special involved to own an eBay store.

If you have an eBay store, all you have to do is to visit the eBay stores and click the open store button. Through it, you are allowed for a free trial before you can actually own an eBay store and create it for online business. First you have to select a theme you wish for the eBay store.

You will be able to determine whichever design you would like for the eBay store; but it is mainly improved to create an alternative from the eBay options that are suitable. You then have to include name, logo, pages, and description. You can also make your custom eBay store design SEO friendly.  Once you have created an eBay store, you can also make initial changes according to customer needs.

While above these process has done, after that you will require there to choose subscription level that suits your budget and requirements. You can select subscription level according to your requirements. EBay allows the customer to basic store services, featured store service, and anchor store service. If you want to take the advantage of featured subscription and an anchor subscription, so you will need to pay monthly fees getting for featured store and anchor store. So anchor shop is most expressive: At the initial level you will need to select basic subscription as you take a Mont’s free trial here.

Basic Shop
  1. 200 inclusive fixed price listings.
  2. Need to pay £0.10 per listing.
  3. Allows you to 300 up categories
 Featured Shop
  1. 1200 inclusive fixed price listings
  2. Price of £0.05 per listing
  3. Customer Support
Anchor Shop
  1. 2500 inclusive listing
  2. 0.05 CAD for each subsequent listing
  3. Customer support

To get more information about eBay Shop visit at eBay shop and subscriptions, once you have selected subscription level that you want. Now you just to have list product you would like to sell on the eBay store like you would list one any other normal eBay page. You can list a put of the fixed priced products on a page of the store and on another page.

You can add the logo of your store, with introduction to your online business and its policies are essential while you own an eBay store. Potential shoppers can thus find the store you own for products they require. While you have set up an eBay store, you can consider it to be your own eCommerce website where you can list your products for longer time. You can list your products according to your needs. You can select the days as you want. If you want to add your product permanently at that you time you will require to paying monthly for its listing. Past few days ago we have published a blog, to read more information you can click there.

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