The Future of internet Marketing

The Future of internet Marketing

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he progress of internet technologies and the concept of online marketing have increased. In 21st century with the addition of modern technology the whole concept of online marketing has improved. With the added techniques like pay per click, Search Engine Optimization, Web posters, campaign, viral marketing, Blogs etc.

Today, more than 75% of website arrives through natural search results and 85% of people believe search engine complete their primary needs. Search engine still ruling the internet business in terms of searching the product and services to fulfill their business and personal wants. Social networking sites and other e-commerce sites give the opinion and feedback about the product.

Advantages of internet marketing:
  • The audience reach is worldwide
  • It has cost effective approach
  • Wide range of access and target market
  • It can be one to one or one to many market process
  • Result can be determined by defined matrices
  • Fast and immediate communication can be possible

Future trends of internet marketing:

E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is a different way to stay connected with customers while promoting your company. It is direct marketing business to a group of people using email.  Now email suppliers have founded integrated social media with email. It is much cheaper and faster than usual mail, mainly because of high cost and time required. Sending an email with new clients and develop the relationship to current or previous customer to promote customer loyalty and business.

SEO services:

Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines recognized.

It is a style of plan, systems and strategy used to increase the amount of company to a website by attaining a high level position in the search engine including Google, Yahoo and other engines.

SEO assists to make certain site is available to a search engine and develops the changes that the site will get by the search engine.

Mobile marketing:

Mobile communication is important tool. Mobile application through we can do marketing and it helps to increase our business. It is a set of practices and it allows the organization to communicate to the audience through mobile device. Smart phones are the latest trend of mobile marketing. Smart phones are opening direct services like online sales, SMS and it will make things easier to reach the target customer.


Blogging is a different to way to update our website with fresh and unique content. We can upload a latest article and publish in website so it will help to motivating visitors in coming year also. So try to change vision by writing quality content for your website. Good content present lists are encourage their member to submit quality content in return they rewarding customer with progress creditability and sales, which is a big reward to bloggers.

Corporate Video:

Nowadays many company uses corporate video to promote their business. The main benefit of using online video is that it is impressive, so create additional impact on viewer and make it easily memorable. It can be easily shared with everyone. Futures of corporate video make it accessible.

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