Stock Control: Easily Manage Your Items and Inventories


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he multi channel eCommerce solutions holds an significant stock control service which basically allows stock information to be arranged for each product in your warehouses, with the help of distinctive things you can track a few things in your mind when a product becomes ‘out of stock’. Assuming that ‘stock control’ is enabling then you can find out which of the following is presented to your clients while a item stock level reaches zero:

It is providing feature to see an inventory location wise. When you have various locations, through this software you will be able to get review and adjust your stock levels for each location by clicking on the stock product record. This will show a sub matrix with stock levels for every location.

Level Column

It displays current stock level for the selected area. This is physical stock before handling any excellent open requests. Stock Value is great technique to calculate the value and keeps track of the cost of stock. It works out from single value cost/stock level. When you get new stock with a buy request the system will expand the stock price dependent upon the quality specified in the buy request.

Not Followed Switch

It enables you to instruct the system to discount any stock following capacities for this product. This is additionally used to advise the framework to figure stock level rapidly when this stock is some part of competition.


It provides the feature to list the number of items which are about to get out of stock so that you can easily approach your retailer before it gets out of stock.

Stock Value

It’s dynamically calculated value that automatically keeps track of the cost of your stock.

  • You will be able to calculate the costs associated with holding stocks
  • You will be able to calculate the order quantity
  • You will be able to Buffer stock
  • You can understand the limitations of economic order quantity
Stock Flow Diagram

stock flow digram

Ordering the Stock In

The Stock In screen is utilised to book recently arrived stock into the system. This technique enables you to scan product’s SKU as well as barcodes in the devoted screen and include the products to your stock.

Maintaining Track of Non Stock Products

Multi-channel software enables you to keep track of non stock products; you can follow below steps for tracking non stocked products.

  • Go to locations in Settings > Application Settings > set Use Multiple Location option
  • You can create a location. Go to Business Admin > Locations.
Tracked Records

This is basically used for items that are made up of some different ones. You can make a stock product composition titles “XYZ”, include composites XYZ 1 and XYZ 2.

  • You can go to Inventory Control > My Inventory
  • Find the item that you need to set as Not Tracked
  • Press the + on the left of the stock thing, to expand all area
  • Double click on the loop in the “Tracked” segment
Damaged Products

Through multi-channel integration, every damaged or disposed of stock ought to be recorded in the system as scrapped. This will help you to balance the stock quantity for bookkeeping purposes when recording the items and for the most part recognized to be a great practice. Two things to think about: To Access this functionally:

You can go to Inventory Control > Scrap Item

Stock Analyse

Stock count is inbuilt functionality in multi channel software; it enables you to adjust your physical stock level recorded on the system.  With help of Stock Analyse, you can perform various processes like:

  • You will be able to create new stock account.
  • You can count the stock in the warehouse
  • Allows you to set stock count or lock the stock count
  • While you have set the stock level will be generated
Stock level Pointers

During the process of book the stock level bar is shown for every product in the order. The bar explains information about present stock level in relative to the minimum stock level and current stock level less quantity in orders in relation to minimum stock level.

Inventory Linking

It enables you to show your all records in against of your all sales channel.  It gives you information about your items like your item is linked to a particular channel, unlinked, pending an update or in case of any issues. This is one of the most useful tool in order to information about your products while item is listed or not listed.

Using Barcodes

Every product in multi channel software has a bar code. With the help of this barcode you will be able to use various things like including listing, or warehouse management.

To access this functionality, you will need to go Inventory Control->My Inventory-> Edit Product

Handheld Scanner Software

Muli-channel mobile software allows you manage inventory form the store. New Multi channel software mobile software for handled scan devices provides you to control inventory from the store.

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