Top Steps to Know about Was Price Features

Was Price Features

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are looking information about Was Price feature through multi channel eCommerce services, then you should try to find out listings on eBay or other portals after those listings have ended. This is the most efficient way to obtain information about your listings such current price, new price of products, and how much money you save during process of listing. It becomes helpful if you like to observe what the product sold for, or what it seemed at listings that didn’t put up for sale. Here are some points you can get more information about Was Price features.

  • Customer have to define attribute RRP_GBP with price/value in appropriate products
  • Customer have to define price/value in RRP_GBP > current price
  • List that product from multi channel eCommerce solutions to eBay [select RRP_GBP into specification]

Definition of RRP – (Recommended Retail Price) this technique is used for known about retailer sell the product. It intention was to assist to make comparable prices in GBP (Great Britain Pound) between places.

How Long are Ended Listings Displayed

As for knowledge, I would like to share some truth about how long are ended listing are displayed. Over and done with listings are available for products sale last for 90 days. Although for items that did not make any sale, last only for 30 days.

Other helpful search selections can’t be elected at the same moment as ended listings. If the Completed listings are not obtainable (i.e. grayed out), make sure none of the following options are preferred:

  1. Search Counting – It including title and description.
  2. Show results – there are you can show the listing ending within.

One of the most vital areas of decision-making for vendors on eBay is “Pricing”. How much should one put up a price for a product? Following this, it forces you to think subsequent questions. But it is important to answer these questions keeping a strong rationale in mind.

Easy Way to Set-up Your Prices in eBay with eBusiness Guru

Fair Prices – From your point of view fair prices should reveal “Your Overhead Operating Configuration” in a way that makes possible for you to get a reasonable profit without taking advantage i.e. overcharging the customer.

For example, a Selling Price is 100% which comprises of Charge of Goods(80%) + Desired Profit (20%)

Competitors Prices

Low Prices: You need to think about pricing for your items starting from small to attract bidders especially if you have a product that you can identify or suppose will sell quickly. For instance, you can start it at $.01 to gain attention of the bidders.

Reserve Price: If an item is valuable and you know it will sell easily, you can place a Reserve Price on it. This way you can still start off your auction at $.01 to attract bidders but avoid making a loss on the transaction.

You also need to think about including your product in a non-conventional type category to draw more bidders and an up a final price. But that said; ensure you don’t violate any eBay listing policies. Calculating a Current Price from a Was Price is very important for businesses, and offering a appropriate new price is an integral part for the success of eCommerce Business.

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