What a Central Order Process System Can Do for You!

Central Order Process System

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are looking information about a central order process system, then you have arrived at the right place. As the name suggests it is a system that compiles orders from multiple channels and stores the information in a centralized database. Subsequently, the central authority forwards the information to the accounting and shipping departments, including providing tracking numbers & confirmation on orders.

A Simpler Approach to Efficient Order Management

Order processing system has become an important part of business nowadays. The system has been developed using cutting edge technology to give influential means of capturing, tracking and centralizing shipping management. Central Order System can span over several continents to easily track local and international orders, shipments and returns for a wide range of product lines and customer sections.

Handling Return and Refunds

If a customer has purchased a product and demands a return or a refund against a cancellation, the process can become complicated if not handled correctly. But with centralized Order management system, you can easily manage multiple requests in a module called “Resolution Center”. The module is designed in a way that adheres to all leading marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Play.com etc.

Using Multiple Currencies on Multi Channel Ecommerce Solutions

When you are selling globally, employing payment terms in multiple currencies is a must. Although it is important to make sure the transaction value is accurately managed. Portals that accept transaction amounts online offer billing in local currency where the order originated. The central Order Management system keeps track of orders placed in multiple currencies and can provide accurate reports. The centralised order system currently tracks:

Country Currencies
U.S. dollars (USD)
Australian dollars (AUD)
Euros (EUR)
Canadian dollars (CAD)
Pounds sterling (GBP)
Japanese yen (JPY)
Swiss francs (CHF)

Recently eBusiness Guru has taken a top position in offering eCommerce services that has an inbuilt Central Order Management System. Using eBusiness Guru’s Multi Channel eCommerce Solution, you can leverage its powerful features and special tools to streamline managing all your online stores.

The processing system functions much better when compared to other services like traditional order processing systems which are completely manual instruction based. For example, in a one-individual shoe company the owner will possibly will write orders manually, individually, and classify on log page. Due to lack of time, he might compose the orders separately, which will make it difficult to map and track customer against customers & payments.

Current order processing system is mainly scientific in nature. In another example, a designer hat boutique with outlets in multiple countries, for example, is likely to accept online orders, where they are captured by a specialized order processing software package and sent automatically to a third-party manufacturer in another country. The manufacturer may then attach the order sheet to the product when shipping it to the hat shop or it may ship the hat directly to the customer using shipping information from the system. These orders can be easily compiled by a particular order processing software package such as Multi Channel Integration by eBusiness Guru.

For business running online stores, it is recommended that they employ a centralised system that collates all important modules, Order Management being the most important. In my experience, I have seen many businesses stepping in common order management pitfalls. If you are thinking of streamlining your order management operations, Central Order management should be first on your mind.

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